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Coming from a family of animal lovers – my parents, brothers, sisters, and I cared for a variety of animals since I was young, including a lot of dogs – I was naturally fascinated with the idea of providing optimal care to domestic pets, and especially dogs.

For a very long time, people have been walking into pet stores and coming out with puppies without any idea about how to provide the optimum care for their new pets.
One of the central principles of optimum dog care is good nutrition. You might be surprised when you find out about the actual needs of our canine companions. The answers to questions about dog nutrition cannot be found on labels of dog foods – in fact, that‟s the last place you should be looking if you‟re uncertain about your dog‟s daily nutritional needs.
If you want your dog to live a long, active, and happy life free from the common health problems associated with modern dogs (who are fed the wrong food every day), then this website is definitely for you.

Contained within these pages are insights and discoveries that I have made through the years, as I’ve taken care of multiple canines. It is a gift to the present and future generation of dog lovers who know how precious the companionship and love of dogs really are. T

his is for you, my dear friend. Welcome to the world of optimum nutrition for dogs!

Adam McRae

Dog Lover & Trainer


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