Commercial Dog Food vs Homemade Dog Food

25 Jan

As a dog owner all you want to think about is the best health for your dogs.  Considering that what food they need to take for getting the right nutrients of every food they take. The right amount of vitamins and minerals of each food contents.

Knowing thats several people are having struck by their own question of what is much better for their dogs a commercial dog food or homemade dog food?

The reasons on why do other people keep on buying commercial dog food for their dogs is that they are unfamiliar about homemade dog food.  That dog owners can decide to make a healthy dog food which can be done inside their houses by their own, that they do not need to buy expensive ready-made dog food for their dogs every day every meal.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of Commercial Dog Food?

For Commercial Dog Food

Advantages: It can be bought anywhere in the market. It has a big package and can be placed everywhere. It was the usual dog food. It was so easy to serve. It contains ingredients for dog as their food.

Disadvantages: It has a bulky package that could accumulate spaces in your storage. It is the usual dog food so a repeated food that couldn’t give enough vitamins and minerals in short unhealthy one. Unable to gain excitement for your dogs to eat, you are not so sure about the real contents and ingredients of the commercialized dog food, doesn’t have enough content to make your dog shielded from sickness, can make your dogs allergies and hair loss and much worst can cause vomiting.

For Homemade Dog Food

Advantages: Homemade dog food ingredients can be found in your fridge, can be changeable every day, enjoyable to prepare for your dogs, secured that it has full vitamins and minerals also includes micro nutrients in every daily servings, can make your dogs lively and always excited during meals, can make your dogs to be protected from allergies, skin diseases and hair loss.

Disadvantages: There are certain categories of foods that can’t be included into your homemade dog food due to the contents with toxins and acids like, raisins, chocolate, nuts macademia and onions. It also has a time consuming during preparation.

If you are a dog owner that do not want to let his or dogs to be at stake. Better choose the best way to take care on your dogs. You can look on the web for a several ingredients for your dogs then you’ll be surprise that like human, dogs can also eat homemade dog food and can be healthy as what you have ever wanted. But take note to those ingredients that are not good for your dogs to be part of their meals.

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  1. Dale Lestor February 17, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Great advice on making your own dogfood at home. I am sure it will be much more healthy for your pet!

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