Dog Diets For Weight Loss Tips

3 Jul

Giving snacks and treats to your dog is a great way to bond with your animal – but too much snacking can cause obesity and a host of other health problems. The following table will help you calculate whether a dog is consuming too many calories per day through snacking. If this is the case, cutting down on the snacks will help control your dog’s weight.

  • Small, bite-sized dog biscuits
    • 5 calories
  • Medium-sized dog biscuits
    • 20 calories
  • Premium dog biscuits (“gourmet biscuits”) for small dogs
    • 70 calories
  • Light” dog biscuits
    • 15 calories
  • Baby carrot
    • 3 calories
  • 8 ounces of green beans
    • 25 calories
  • .5 ounces of popcorn
    • 54 calories
  • 1 regular slice of cheese pizza
    • 259 calories


Dog Diet for Weight Loss Tips

1. Palatability is a big issue when it comes to canine nutrition. If Fido doesn’t like the new dog food and ignores his bowl on a daily basis, you have to take steps to make the food attractive to your pet.

2. It‟s also important to observe your pet closely when you offer your dog a new dog food or new homemade meals. Is your pet digesting the food well? Does your pet feel great after his meals?

If your dog seems consistently ill after eating, your pet might be suffering from indigestion or food allergy. Excessive gas or flatulence is not normal and should be considered a warning sign that the new food is not being digested well by the animal. There is no saving the new dog food – if it‟s causing excessive gas, you must switch it with a tummy-friendly brand or homemade recipe.

3. Your dog‟s activity level should also be used as a measuring tool when choosing what type of food to give your dog. Some dogs like running all day long, while other dogs are accustomed to sitting around the house for most of the day.

If your dog is generally sedentary, do not give your pet dog food that is high in protein or fat. Puppies should not be given food with over twenty-five percent protein. Slightly active adult dogs on the other hand, should only receive about twenty-two percent protein in their regular meals.

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