Help Your Dog Lose Weight, Be Sick Less and Live 5+ Years Longer

Are you tired of everyday seeing your dog taking in the same food day in day out? Are those big brown puppy dog eyes of his make you feel guilty whenever you open another of those horsemeat and gristle?

Let me share with you how to make homemade dog food and realize incredible benefits for yourself and dog!

We shall look at the following:

  1. The best diet that most of the major dog companies do not want you to know about
  2. We shall assist you to look for a healthy and better brand of pet food for your dog.
  3. We will show you ways of making your dog healthier and happier
  4. We will ease your worry about whether your dog is eating the best food or not.
  5. We will also assist you to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements in a very natural way

Imagine having more than 400 Delicious Dog Treat Recipes all at your finger tips and one that will guarantee good health for your pet.
We shall ensure that you do not have to look up in the internet for the best Dog recipe. Treating your Dog will never be hard or expensive again.


A. Do you know the side-effects of “convenient” commercial dog food

If you are still giving your dog a commercial food diet, then you have to immediately switch the food. There are many dangers associated with a commercial dog food, form immediate effects like a dull coat and foul smelling dog’s breath to even long term effects such as the increase in the risk of getting canine cancers and a short life span. You should know that the amount of processing and additives that are added while preparing commercial dog food has a lot of chemicals that are not good for your dog’s health and sometimes even makes them sick and an even cause premature death.

In the past, a lot of commercial food has been recalled after they have been found to be substandard or even harmful to your dog’s health.

Commercial Dog Food Can…

  • include dangerous meat by-products
  • cause your dogs coat to be “dull”
  • be the cause of bad breath
  • be packed with artificial colors/flavours

B. Whats The Best Food For Your Dog? - Homemade Dog Food!


The homemade dog food diet is very good for all dogs:

  • Puppies
  • Adult Dogs
  • Pregnant Dogs
  • Ill & Weak Dogs
  • Small Toy Dogs
  • Big Dogs
  • Overweight Dogs
  • Underweight Dogs

The homemade dog food recipes here are not only more natural for your dog, but they also form the diet that nature naturally intended for your dog. Lets as look at why the homemde dog food diet is good for your dog:

1.      It is the diet that their bodies are well suited for.

Even before the commercial pet food was introduced, dogs used to do pretty well on a diet that was free from cooking or adding any other artificial process. By allowing your dog to eat a diet that they h have used since the beginning will ensure that they are able to digest it better and also get more energy and nutrients that they need in their bodies.

2.      A homemade dog food diet will provide the dogs with their nutritional requirements in its natural and right proportions without needing any additional supplements and vitamins.

The unprocessed raw meat, fruits and vegetables usually has the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that will help the dogs to thrive. The components stated above are also present in the right proportions and are also in a digestible state.

3.      Dogs on a made at home/organic food diet are usually healthier when compared to dogs who eat commercial dog food.

The dogs that feed on homemade diet have a very shiny coat and you will not need any special care products. What is more, they also smell better, there is almost no “doggie breath”. What is more, dogs on the raw diet also have a good weight and body figure, they are not too fat or too thin the dog will also be very active and more energetic.

4.      Learning how to make dog food ensures that good quality food is always available for the dog.

By learning how to make dog food you can be  assured that the quality of food that you give your dog is high because you are preparing it yourself. You will also be certain that the meats and the other protein sources that you offer to your dog is not a by product but it is actually beneficial to its health.

5.      You can reduce the possibility of food contamination, parasites and bacteria when the dog is on a prepared at home dog food diet

Most of the food types can be contaminated. However, with dog food prepared at home you can control the food source and also how you will store it. This will allow you to reduce the chance of the dog getting sick food the food it takes in.

6.      Using homemade dog food will save you a lot of money and add years to your dogs life

When you give your dog the best possible food that will offer it a lot of nutrients, the dog becomes healthier and it will also be more resistant to diseases and infections. This allows you to save costs that you could have used to take the dog to a vet and for the supplements and medicines. What is more, the dog will also live longer and be healthier in old age.

7.     Making dog food at home is fast!

Preparing the food everyday is time consuming. However, if you have a correct system, you will be able to learn how to prepare the raw food in batches. This ensures you avoid doing it everyday. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it will also guarantee that you keep the risk of food contamination very low.

C. Follow The “Homemade Dog Food Recipe Guide” And You Will…

  • Not have to worry about picking up “upset stomachs” since your dog will almost never have an upset stomach
  • Sleep more at night since your dog will be recover from illnesses faster if it ever does get sick
  • Enjoy your dog having more energy to play
  • Save money by not having to go to the vet as often
  • Not have to buy expensive supplements for your dog
  • Have a better smelling dog
  • Extend the life of your dog by as much as 5 YEARS!



The Homemade Dog Food Recipe Guide includes…
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the different dog feeding models and why the raw food is the best diet.
  • Step by step directives on slowly leading your dog to a raw food diet no matter if it is old or young, healthy or not.
  • Learn about the 26 vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by your dog for good health.
  • Find out the food that meeting all the essential nutrient requirements for your dog.
  • Get to know the food that you should avoid to give to your dog.
  • Learnt the importance of fruits and vegetables t your dog.
  • The signs to look out for if your dog is suffering from a nutrient deficiency or a nutrient toxicity
  • Find out the importance of raw dog food diet to your dog’s nutritional requirement.
  • Learn how to calculate how much of each type of food your dog needs.
  • Get to know the exact amount of food your dog needs when it is overweight, underweight, obese or pregnant.
  • Learn of the 2 methods for transitioning healthy adult dogs to a Raw Dog Food Diet.
  • Learn the tips on how to wean puppies to a Raw Dog Food Diet.
  • Ways you will tell that your puppy is ready to start on solid food!
  • Access our Puppy Feeding Schedule
  • Ways of introducing solids to puppies to be able to identify any potential food allergies in your puppies.
  • Get to know the most important key to success in puppy Raw Food meals and how you can meet this requirement.
  • How to choose the best time to detoxify your dog. Either before or after the raw food diet.
  • If your dog is picky while eating, find ways of enticing it to eat.
  •  Advice and tips on ways of making the diet switch easy.
  •  The tools required to start on a raw food diet and how you can use the equipments that you already own.
  • How and where you can shop for meats, fruits and vegetables for your dog.
  • Tips on choosing different kinds of meat like beef, pork, poultry and game to get the best and freshest kind for your dog so as to avoid parasites and bacterial contamination.
  • How to buy fresh produce and also to get the best deals to save money and avoid contaminated food.
  • Ways of handling storing and preparing the dog’s food to prevent contamination
  • Special raw food diets for pregnant dogs.
  • Special raw food diets for sick dogs afflicted with canine cancer and arthritis
  • Special raw food diets for puppies
  • Special raw food diets for old dogs
  • Advantages of vitamins and supplements if they are on a raw food diet to your dog
  • If you want to supplement find the guide to supplementing your dog using herbs and natural supplements
  • The role of treats when your dog is a raw food diet.
  • A diet plan for you to follow for your dog.
  • How shop for the dog food to avoid taking too much time and effort.
  •  Learn the secret system on preparing dog’s food before hand in a clean way to avoid preparing it everyday to save a lot of time and effort.
  • The Recommendations on what you may give the dog to ensure it is interested in varied diet.

This book is available in electronic downloadable format and therefore allows you get to enjoy it and use it immediately after purchase.

Believe it or not, this amazing product is yours for just $27.00


This guide costs less than the bag of commercial dog food you have now!

D. Testimonials Of “Homemade Dog Food Recipe Guide”

“I can see the difference already”

Thanks for sending me these recipes, my dog is a German Shepherd and can be a really picky eater. With commercial food she would go a day and not eat anything. Your recipes especially the plain rice and chicken with the “secret health sauce” was a huge hit. Its only been 2 weeks but her coat is coming back really nice and I can see the difference already.

Thank you for the wonderful recipes!

Pat Tremouth, Oregon


“Was Always Sick!”

My little westie was always sick. I was always picking up vomit/diarrhea it was just so unpleasant. Finally after hearing for awhile about the benefits of homemade dog food I chose a few recipes for free online to utest out. They were great but I really wanted to find out more about what recipe would be right for my dog and why. With your recipe guide I have been able to find the perfect diet for Sammy and we look forward to many more years together thanks to this diet.

Jamie Plummer, California

breakcosts less than

E. Free Bonus #1 - 10 Tastiest Homemade Dog Food Treat Recipes

Top-10-Tastiest-Homemade-Dog-Treat-Recipes-Transparent1. 10 Undeniably Delicious Recipes

These recipes are certain to make even the pickiest eater salivate and come back for seconds.

2.  Happy Dog in less than 15 minutes!

These recipes are fast to make, from downloading this book you will be able to have a recipe made in less than 15 minutes!

3. Easy To Make

Most of these recipes are very easy to make. You will not have to run out to the grocery store and pick up some strange ingredient. All ingredients are common household items.

F. Free Bonus #2 - 7 Days to Housebreak Your Puppy (or older dog!)

1. Choose the right technique for your dog and cut your training time by days!

As humans we do not all learn the same way and neither do our dogs. By following the instructions in this book you can save days.

2. Schedules will save you time and stress

By setting up and following a natural schedule your dog will take to the training and it will feel like your dog wants to be housetrained!

3. Re-Training an Older Dog!

If you have an older dog and it needs to be re-trained these techniques will help!


G. 60 Day - 100% Risk Free Guarantee


H. Instantly Download Your Guide Now and Start Helping Your Dog!



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Remember you can learn…
  1. The commercial dog food secrets that could be killing your dog slowly
  2. How homemade dog food can add years to your dogs life
  3. Over 100 recipes of healthy, nutrisous and easy to make dog food
  4. How to save money both on food costs and vet visit bills! + LOTS MORE


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